Download Aptoide on iPhone/iPad Devices for Free

Before we proceed to Aptoide iOS, let us understand what it actually is. Aptoide basically is an app store for Android users which uses Android as the operating system. The best part is that it is an app as well as an app store. It`s an open source application that lets a user download application that cannot be downloaded from play store. On aptoide, all the applications and their updates are absolutely free of cost. It isn`t a centralized app store like the google play store and every user has to manage his own store on aptoide.

The software is written on JAVA platform along with several forks one of them being F-Droid. This entire concept of designing the Aptoide has been inspired from APT packaging manager. The reason being apk technology is lucrative and very fast so it gives an edge to developers.

Installing apps from aptoide on smartphones

Here are some simple steps of downloading aptoide apk to your smartphone.

  1. First, you need to install aptoide in the application format so that you can then proceed with the download and installation of aptoide apk from here.
  2. After install aptoide apk, look into the search bar for the desired application. Also, see the green signal beside an app to ensure that it`s a safe app to download.
  3. After installation, go to the settings of the mobile device and click on “allow application from unknown sources” option. Now you will be able to download the desired application. This completes the downloading and installation process


  • The very first advantage which the platform gives is that it allows download of applications which are restricted by google play store. It doesn’t even charge on the updates of apps. Moreover, the application`s quality is exceptionally good on this platform
  • Secondly, it has the option of “repositories” i.e. a place where coded and personal applications of the user are stored. Here the user or coder can always rectify errors in the software and communicate with other private users and share experiences.
  • The next good thing offered by it is there isn`t any limitation on the download of the application. Anybody from any part of the world can easily download your application.
  • Similarly, it doesn’t automatically update all the apps exhausting the data limit. Regarding the update of apps, this decision rests with the user and he can manually at any time update any application or applications.
  • Aptoide apk can be easily installed and can be used on other platforms.


  • The aptoide app store app has only one disadvantage. This con is the searching of the repositories in order to access applications.  This searching apps in the repositories is a slow and tedious process which at times irks the user. Apart from this, there are only advantages and excellent features in the app. The fact that it gives the option of self-coding an app using the drop- box feature has gone down very well with the users.