8 Gorgeous Entry Doors


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It’s a rare day that you’ll find me out and about sans makeup OR (just as terrible) in makeup from the night before. I mean, there definitely were/are those days. Totally. But it’s rare. Ok, maybe like 30% of the time. But not like ALL the time.

Anyways, I always at least TRY to put myself together before stepping out the front door. In a pinch, a little bronzer, big sunnies and workout clothes. Works every time.

There are always extenuating circumstances though.

For example, there’s the tale of a friend and a house fire. My friend, who has the kindest heart by the way, noticed that her next door neighbor’s house had caught fire. So, with pillow imprints on her face and snowflake PJ bottoms, she directed firemen and emergency rescuers from the front yard. Later, though elated that all were able to be rescued, she was still mortified to see herself on TV in the background of a news story. (There is no way she looked bad btw. But I’m sure it was mortifying none the less.)

My point is, that if given the opportunity, we all try to put our best foot forward to make a good first impression. (Unless there is a house fire, duh.) One innocent trip to the grocery store in a banana clip to get hangover food, and you’re a meme. (Note: Instead of a banana clip, take style notes from sweet brown.)

Side Note: You should NEVER be going anywhere for hangover food because #postmates (Use promo code sb6g for a $10 delivery credit on your first order.)

 Similarly, this is also how I feel about curb appeal. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Plus, there are so many (EASY!) ways to update a home’s exterior, that there really are no good excuses for it not looking cute .

One of the easiest ways, is to change out the front door.


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AND….. Doors are important. If you think about it, the front door is the first point of entry into any home, and the last thing a visitor sees when leaving.

Plus, Feng Shui principles say that a home gets it’s Chi from the front door. (FYI: Chi is the energy a home feeds upon. The “nourishment” if you will. Its kind of like what carbs are to me at 7 a.m. after a big night out. Necessary.)


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With that being said, I’d love to work on my curb game and trade out my old front door.

There are just so many options. I could look at pinterest boards 24/7 and pin photos of 27,000 pink doors. In fact, maybe I’ll just do that. Check out my Pinterest board of door amazingness here.


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This is my current front door. It needs work. Though it does looks 1 million times better than it did from the day I bought it… It is still lacking.