The Trench Dress


It’s winter in Oklahoma, so naturally it’s in the 70’s. (<— Seriously, wtf? Like, why?)

So figuring out what to wear can be a major pain. It’s not cold enough for full on tights and puffer vests. But its not warm enough for sorts aka denim panties either. So it calls for something in between. Like this trench dress from Who What Wear.

P.s. I’m in LOVE with Who What Wear. LOVE. Since launching their collection at Target this Spring, I can’t seem to get enough. As if I really needed another reason to go to Target. (Their home section is siiiiiiick.)


Anyhow… Back to the dress. It’s long sleeves so it just looks appropriate for November. But if you are like me and you get hot easily, just roll those babies up and you are good to go.


The fabric is on the thicker side, so the dress seems sturdy (if that’s even a thing) and like higher quality. Which basically means I can wash it a whole bunch and not totally ruin it like I do most of my things.



I also like that it’s got that pajama vibe going on too with the lining around the sleeves and buttons down the front.


I decided to give it a whorl while popping by Barrios here in OKC. It’s a new restaurant and not only is the food AMAZE, but the decor is pretty amazing as well.


 The Deets:

Trench Dress {Who What Wear for Target} // Shoes {Charlotte Russe} // Bag {Chloe} // Sunnies {Celine}

**Thanks to blogtographer Kendal Lacy for photos. (website coming soon FYI)