Side Hustle So Strong

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a “side hustle”.

What is a side hustle you ask? Well… A side hustle is a way of making cash money, that is in addition to your main job that pays the majority of the bills.

For the longest time, I did graphic design work. I did wedding invites, all kinds of non profit stuff, logos, you name it. That lasted about two years, before I got burnt out. I had too many projects going on and not enough time to get them all done. Plus dealing with brides was a nightmare. (Not offense to any past clients.)

These days, I work in Marketing for a large local company. I love my job. But I’m just so darn right brained that I need that extra creative stimulation outside of it. So I’ve been doing interior design work. I take on a very small number of clients right now. It’s hard to focus and do a good job if it’s any more than that. And I love it. And I love working with the clients I have. We are making some pretty gorgeous spaces right now and I love sharing them on the blog with you all.

Then there’s the blog thing. I love fashion. I love interior design. And this place gives me the outlet to talk about all of those things. To give updates on current projects, or show you the outfits I put together.

But what some of you might not know, is that I also have a mildly successful online furniture shop. I sell via a shop called Chairish. I carefully curate pieces from around town and even from all over the world and place them for sale in my shop. They are all pieces that I absolutely love. From furniture to artwork to fixtures and hardware, you’ll find just about everything in there. You can check it out by clicking here or the SHOP button at the top. You’ll be taken directly to my current items for sale.

Speaking of whitch… Getting ready to put up some more fabulous stuff this week. So make sure to check back often for updates and new arrivals. Like these gorgeous spun fiberglass chairs.

The Deets:

Top {Zara } // Bag {Mansur Gavriel} // Shoes {Charlotte Rusee c/o} // Black Skinnies {Madewell} // Sunnies {Ray Ban Aviators in black}

  • Thank you to Kendal Caran Lacy for her blogtography skills on this shoot and for agreeing to photograph me even though she was still dressed as Kesha from a party two days prior. Now that’s friendship.