Historic Gatewood Kitchen Reveal



Remember this little kitchen remodel I posted about? Well it’s finally time for the big reveal! Here she is!

Just as a reminder, this is how it started.


If you haven’t read the previous post, go here. This room was LITERALLY an empty space when we started. Originally it was used as a dining room. That’s right. The kitchen was in a completely different room in the home. And it was TINY. Everything was placed in a weird spot, totally not conducive to cooking. OR hanging out. It seemed like a total afterthought. So, we moved it. But no worries, the home is fancy AF and actually has a second dining room. So they wouldn’t be left without a place to dine.


We began with building a custom kitchen island. The owner wanted a place for guests to sit and relax while watching the cooking happen. So we build a HUGE island.

One side hosted the farm house sink which was a must for the home owners. This sink is awesome, because one side is ribbed (as you can see in the photo below) and it can be flipped around with a flat surface on the other side. Because of the period the home was built, we decided to keep the ribbed side facing out. It seemed more fitting.

Isn’t it purdy?

We opted for shaker style on all the cabinets. Also a favorite for the period the home was built in.

P.s. We also made sure that the cabinets went all the way to the ceiling. I hate wasted space. Don’t you? We used moulding that was exactly the same as the existing moulding in the room to give the cabinets a more built in feeling. Almost like a piece of furniture.

Custom floating shelves were also created for extra storage. Admittedly this was a more modern addition to the space. But I think it fits given that the space is so large.


The gray walls were given a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Bright White paint. My current fave colour. So many clients are terrified of white. But scouts honor, it really opens up a space. Seriously. It’s so good.


And now, for the good part. The reveal. Would you look at those quartzite counters? Lordy. They go sooooooo good with all that white.


Obviously we had to go for the massive commercial style faucet. It screams, “Listen here. I can good gosh darn it.” (But if you can’t, it sure does make it look like you can.)

The home owners happen to be from the same town that my parent’s ranch is in. Which made this home so much more fun to work on. See that massive bison photograph? It’s an actual photograph from the town they are from. I’m a huge believer in incorporating things that are meaningful. Each time the owners walk into the space, they’ll be reminded of a little piece of home.

For hardware we chose to go with chrome. Or nickel. Whatever it is called. Mixing metals is 100% ok, but for this project we tried to keep it all the same. Except for the stove, microwave and fridge which the owner owned previously. Those stayed. But for lighting, pulls and the faucet we stuck with chrome.

Also, that rug. Can we talk about that for a second? It’s from my girl Gretchen. She’s got an insane collection that she sells on instagram. (See below for all the deets)

For the backsplash, we chose white subway tile. Also, something that I felt would keep the kitchen looking to period. We also went with a light gray grout. Nothing too crazy. I didn’t want to break up the eye too much. I wanted a nice cohesive look.

You’ll also notice a fun little nook underneath the cabinet between the stove and the fridge. Well, that’s a floor vent. It couldn’t be moved and it needed to stay open. But I’ll be darned if I let a space go unused. So we had custom quartzite cut for a shelf under it. The homeowners will eventually use it as an easy place to store plates. But for photos, I strong armed them into letting me put 20 bottles of sparkling water that they will never drink. I think it’s pretty.

I also placed a bowl of oranges. According to feng shui, items grouped together like lemons or oranges give off the vibe of the space being “bountiful”. Which I guess is good luck. So we loaded up bowls of oranges and lemons and made this space a great cocktail making area.

Here’s a better shot of the custom artwork we had created. Uhhhhg. So in love with it. And even more so because it holds meaning to the owner. 

And here are those floating shelves. Topped off with more water that they will probably never drink. But I love how it breaks up the eye, adds blue and plays off the blues in the carpet. So darn pretty. 

Another look at that gorgeous rug. I mean, can you even??? I would lay on that baby all night after a few cocktails. It’s just the prettiest.

Oh! And plates and cups. You know how you seem to acquire loads of plastic cups for “roadies” or from places around town? Well, we threw those all away. Just kidding. We donated them. Either way. They aren’t here anymore. All cups are on display. And they all match. These are from Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. So important: Buy plates from a collection at a store that you KNOW will never stop being made. Pottery Barn has made the Great White collection for years. I can’t tell you how many i’ve broken attempting to cook something after an evening out. And I can always go back and pick up one or two ad hoc because they will never stock making them. 

Chairs are something that we went back and forwth on for literally two weeks. They were the last thing we bought. And the owner wouldn’t budge on these. Admittedly I turned out loving them. But I had wanted something with blue and rattan. But no dice. So we settled on these. And I’m actually pretty happen with them. They are sturdy, well made and hold my big behind. (Or anyone eles’e big behind) So they are perfect. 

The trash bin was also a find. It’s Simple Human and goes perfectly next to the stove. Easy for cutting things and popping it right into the bin. 


One last thing is left for this space, so stay tuned for an update. We’ll be doing custom shades for the windows. So stay tuned for that!

The Deets:

Design {Me, Full Scale Design Package} // Barstools {Wayfair} // Rug {KyRose Designs} // Paint {Sherwin-Williams Bright White} // Lighting {Lamps Plus Rossini Euro Arlo. (similar here and here)} // Hardware {The Home Depot} // Trash Bin {Simple Human (similar here and here} // Tile {The Home Depot} // Faucet and sink  {Vigo} // Custom Photo on Canvas {on ig @truesdellproductions} // Plates & Cups etc. {Pottery Barn} // Blue and White Pottery {Sourced by Me}