Pierre Frey Arty Chairs

New in the Shop:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to color. Bright pops of pink, blue, yellow, anything RGBIV basically. So when I came across Pierre Frey’s Arty fabric, I fell in love. Hard. It had everything I loved in a fabric. A little white space, but all those bright pops of color I loved so much. And the cult favorite print has been popping up everywhere.

Interior Designer Summer Thornton created a stunning room using Arty. Just the one pop of the fabric was just enough to add just the right amount of contrast to the room above at the Lake Shore Drive Co-Op. It plays well off the other hues and makes a wonderful focal point.

The home of Vadis Turner via Domino Magazine Photo by Meghan McNeer

Did I mention that the pattern also comes in a wallpaper? Yup. It does. And it’s just as bright and vibrant. Like the home of Vadis Turner above as featured in Domino Magazine.

Diptyque x Pierre Frey Two-Piece Roses & Jasmin Scented Candle Set

Diptyque has even just released a fall line that incorporates the Arty print in their packaging. Swoon! Someone please send me this. K thanks.

As Scout has transitioned from more of a interior design firm, to Antiques Dealing, my brain has been full of ideas for new (custom!) pieces that I’d love to add to the shop. My philosophy for scouting has always been this: Never buy, or have anything made, that I wouldn’t want in my own home. The reason is two-fold. 1.) It would suck to be stuck with a piece of ugly furniture that I couldn’t sell. and 2.) If I find something beautiful, chances are, someone else out there might too. And if they don’t? It’ll go in my house. Problem solved!

So in an effort to kick start the custom furniture process, we’ve added a pair of new chairs to the shop covered in Pierre Frey’s Arty. Take a look for yourself:

Pierre Frey Arty Chairs

We waited for ages, and were so thrilled with how they turned out. The chairs are sold as a pair, and have round open backs with arms. The large format bold and bright colorful linen lends a sense of ease to a rather contemporary chair. The pattern is designed by artist Marie Cécile Aptel and produced by Pierre Frey.

We think this pair are the perfect combination of modern / contemporary and maximalist design. It’s a playful statement and will freshen up any space and create a focal point in any room. We can’t wait to see where these beauties land. For more info click here to head on over to the shop.

For inquiries on custom orders, please click here and tell us what you have in mind. We love doing custom. #CustomEverything