About - Scout Studios

Carissa Stevens // Founder Scout Studios

Scout Studios, led by Carissa Stevens, is a high-end antiques retailer who specializes in finding pieces that tell a story. As well as searching for the beauty in pieces that most will miss.

A globetrotting child, brought up in South East Asia, and the Middle East, she developed a keen eye and passion for finding hidden gems. She’s spent countless hours shopping souks, trekking to far off pottery studios in Thailand and sifting through fabrics in Arabian bazaars. She developed Scout Studios as an outlet for her passion of antique hunting, and soon her side hustle became her main gig.

“Scout Studios is grounded in the stories that give these finds their value. I believe in seeking, sifting, and searching with an eye to history and the details that give each piece value. I know that beauty is often covered with a lifetime of grit. It takes a trained eye to find that beauty, and create a new perspective.

Behind The Name:

As a proud Native American, Carissa’s ancestry is a unique one. Good Traveller, her Great Great Great (Great?) grandfather,  was a Delaware Indian Scout, who led teams of explorers to beautiful and (new to them) places across the country. (i.e. He led John C. Freemont to the Rocky Mountains.)

Similarly in how Good Traveller sought out the beauty in his everyday, she too seeks out beauty. She relishes the hunt. And finding pieces that she can envision in a space, outside of where it’s found it. No matter the distance, no matter the weather, she’s always travelling somewhere on a Scout Trip and searching for a new treasure. As a tribute to her heritage, and her extensive shopping/ traveling and knowledge in finding a diamond in the rough, Scout Studios was born.