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Pink Marble Credenza

Design Trend: Pink Marble

It’s time to stop playing it “safe”. It’s time to think outside the box. How many white marble kitchens have you seen lately? About…

Pierre Frey Arty Chairs

New in the Shop: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to color. Bright pops of pink, blue, yellow, anything RGBIV…

The Travel Edit

1. Straw Hat // 2. Slip Mask // 3. Broad Spectrum SPF // 4. One Piece // 5. Black Slip on Sandals 6.) Black…

History Lesson: The Convex Mirror

Federal convex mirrors made their way into the homes of the American elite and wealthy in the 1700s. The convex shape of these mirrors helped to illuminate the room when accompanied by candles.